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Louis’s love and interest in joinery began at an early age. His grandfather, who started his joinery apprenticeship at the age of 14, taught Louis how to use his tools and followed a common family skill passed down through several generations.

He has always loved making things out of wood and since leaving school has worked for himself and other firms as a joiner, although he really honed his skills making complex bespoke staircases for a local manufacturer. But after becoming a father to twins in 2007 Louis decided to work entirely for himself.

He played guitar as a child and played the trumpet for the Brighton based ska band ‘Ska gal and the Hands of Ra’ in the late 1990’s. But he has always had a love for folk music and especially the sound of the banjo.

Since running his own workshop, Louis has been able to bring his two passions together, woodwork and music, building guitars and banjos alongside regular joinery work.

Over the last few years he has evolved and developed as a master luthier having a deep interest in the effects on tone and sound created by materials and construction technique.

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