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If you want a press release, words for a speech, a website, a poster – anything to do with words and pictures, I can help. I have more than 20 years experience in media; being a former newspaper reporter, subeditor and national magazine editor.

With a proven track record in publishing, marketing and promotion, I have all the skills to help you get your message across. I offer a service that is affordable and produces results.

Without blinding people with excessive jargon, I explain the best course of action and deliver the results – on time, every time.


  • copywriting
  • Marketing
  • promotion
  • social media
  • websites

Find me online

My instagram page - https://instagram.com/buzzeditor/

Pictures of my travels

Examples of my work


New website - http://www.queens-hotel.com/

New website and marketing campaign.


Marketing and PR - http://www.curiospiritscompany.co.uk/

Help with promotion of a new range of drinks.

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